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Our Focus

Providing advanced structural engineering software solutions for everyone
Numerical problems

Evaluation of algorithms solving engineering problems

Engineering Solvers

Development of calculation kernels. Including: Finite Element Analysis, Non-linear methods, etc.

Codes and Norms

Implementation of country codes and industry standards


Complete Implementation of Engineering Solutions into existing applications

Complete Solutions

Development of complete engineering applications

Project owned and powered by Creoox

Strut3D |

Strut3D is an open-system based application for HVAC & MEP professionals allowing for engineering & optimizing channel based installation supporting systems.



Structool |

Structool is an application for structural engineers. Quick analysis and verification of multi-supported beams based on Finite Element Analysis is really simply.


About US

In Creoox we transfer the technical product data direct into added value for our customers and their customers......
Engineering is our passion

Several years of international experience in Building Industry as well as number of successful relationships with clients strengthened our believe into our competence and expertise.

  • Understanding customer needs
  • Solution Development
  • Implementation
  • Professional Support

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