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Creoox Is Proud To Announce Close Partnership With 2BA

Creoox is proud to announce close partnership with 2BA

The Dutch UOB platform (Open Uniform Object library) for the ETIM-MC-based* data driven content creation for MEP-world was launched in July 2020.

One of the unfulfilled system requirements for the UOB was a quick online 3D viewer with no more input than just the MC-parameters (Modelling Class)

Therefore 2BA, as the operator of UOB, and Creoox signed a partnership to generate high quality 3D models fulfilling ETIM International classification standard.

Creoox brings in its HyperBIM technology to achieve the high demanding objectives of UOB platform supporting ETIM MC Classification system.

Do it yourself. We hold your hands

HyperBIM technology aims to democratize access to 3D digitization of any products.

We remove IT barriers from the equation so that BIM (Building Information Modelling) becomes easy to use and affordable to everyone.

Because your products are unique, HyperBIM suite allows you to manage your own library of 3D objects and share static or parametric 3D Objects information online to the world in a large range of commonly used CAD and BIM formats for engineering or e-business purposes.

HyperBIM helps manufacturers to make their products visible to designer, architects, planners and end users.

HyperBIM is a BIM Ready 3D models generator, viewer and publisher

* ETIM Modelling Classes (ETIM MC) is an extension to the basic classification model of ETIM (ElectroTechnical Information Model), specifying parameters for representation of products as 3D geometric objects. As such, ETIM MC enables uniform exchange of 3D product data among users and CAD software and is seen as a potentially forceful driver for the application of ETIM in BIM (Building Information Modelling)

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