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What’s Coming In Xeokit 2.0?

What’s coming in Xeokit 2.0?

  • BIM

Significant upgrade for Xeokit is coming. We never stop striving for perfection. New version 2.0 of xeokit-SDK containing of new conversion tool, enriched metadata representation, full-precision picking and measurement expand the usage of xeokit for new exploration fields. Deployment of the “Localization” tool makes Xeokit a highly scalable and adoptable tool. Japanese? German? English? French? Polish? Now it is available!

New Features/improvements:

  • Property Sets in Metadata – xeokit’s metadata representation enriched with property sets
  • Full-precision picking and measurement – this new option allow to pick and measure at sub-millimetre accuracy, if required.
  • Multi-Format Model Converter – new file formats available for Xeokit – view LAZ/LAS Point Clouds, glTF Point Clouds and CityJSON Models
  • Localization – Xeokit can now be dynamically switched between different languages.
  • New converter2xkt tool
  • xeokit BIM Viewer 2.3
  • XKT 9.0 native file format

Learn more about xeokit-SDK version 2.0

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