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New Version 1.7.1 Of Xeokit SDK!

New version 1.7.1 of xeokit SDK!

  • BIM

New version 1.7.1 of the xeokit SDK has been released! It supports point clouds, plus additional geometry primitive types, as well as physically-based materials for high-performance models. This release contains updates to the 3D engine, the bundled BIM viewer, the file conversion tools, and xeokit’s XKT geometry file format. This update involves most of the core packages in the xeokit-skd.

New Features:

  • Point cloud Visualization
  • Lines and points in large model representations
  • Improved accuracy
  • Physically-based materials in large models


  • xeokit BIM Viewer 2.0
  • XKT 7.0 native file format

Learn more about xeokit-SDK version 1.7.1

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